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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Coming Soon!

Coming soon! The true to life adventures of Sean and The Wife on their two week tour of Europe.

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We mostly concentrated on Slovenia. Places visited

The blog posts will come out starting Saturday the 26th. Each post is published 3 weeks after the events described. This was done so that I wasn't publicizing the fact that my house was unoccupied.

The Wife will remain nameless and will not appear in any photos out of respect for her wish to remain anonymous. And she threatened to make me cook all my own dinners if I posted photos of her online.
Federal Trade Commission Disclaimer:

These blog entries reflect my personal opinions about the locations The Wife and I visited during our travels. I have not received money, freebies, or any other inducements to provide positive coverage of anyone, anywhere, or anything. In fact, no one on this trip knew or had any reason to know that I am a blogger. I do not work for the Tourist Boards of any country, nor am I employed in the travel industry in any way.

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