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Thursday, May 31, 2012

A quiet day in the Capitol

Ljubljana. It helps to know that in Slovene, the “J” actually makes a “Y” sound. I still can’t pronounce it correctly, but everyone knows what I am saying so it’s close enough. Ljubljana is a fairly big city, in what looks like a big bowl between lots of hills. It becomes really apparent how much of a valley it is when you climb to the top of the castle tower.

I really liked Ljubljana when I was here 12 years ago. It seemed like there are more people now and lots more traffic. I have no idea if that’s true, but it feels that way. It also might be that after Lipica, Koper, and Predjama, Ljubljana looks like New York City. We have been out in the countryside for almost a week, so it might be just that my expectations have shifted.

Ljubljana seems crazy about dragons. You can’t see it in the photo of the castle, but the flag flying from the tower has a castle sitting on a hill, with a dragon on top. They also use that shield on all their license plates. They have four of them guarding “Dragon Bridge.”

Mostly, however, today was a day for us to try to recuperate from being on the go for almost a week now. Travel does get stressful because you don’t know where you are sleeping the next day. You’d be surprised how that wears on you. We decided to go back early to the pension where we are staying and put our feet up.

Once again, the restaurant attached to the pension did their best to stuff us full of very good food. I don’t think I will be losing weight on this trip.

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