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Friday, June 1, 2012

Following the river

What a lovely drive. We could have driven down the motorway and been here in Zagreb at least an hour earlier, but we would have missed the adventure. The guidebook says that the train ride between Ljubljana and Zagreb follows the Sava River and is pretty scenic. I figured that there was no real reason we couldn’t drive along the Sava and get the same effect, right?

There were lots of other views that we couldn’t stop and take a photo of. There were even sections of the road that made me seriously wonder if the GPS had gone mad. I think we spent a bit of time on the wrong side of the river due to my error in placing waypoints. There were lots of places that were narrow enough that it required active coordination between us and the other car for us to pass. It was a lot of fun. If you get the chance, I would recommend it.

So what the heck is this?

It’s early May, so we wondered if it was some sort of Mayday thing. A Maypole? It looks like a little Christmas tree on top of a pole. With a wreath and ribbons. We didn’t see them anywhere else, but we saw them in the Sava River valley. Any Slovenians out there want to enlighten me? (UPDATE: We asked and found out that these are Maypoles)

We made it to Zagreb without any difficulties. Here’s where the guidebook was worth its weight in gold. It recommended that we check with a couple of apartment rental agencies. We wandered into Evaristas, near the train station. Awesome deals. If you are going to Zagreb, email them. If you haven’t planned ahead, go to their office. We’ve got a great little apartment with a fridge, WiFi, and a queen bed for much less than we’d planned to spend. Plus the agent mapped out all the restaurants we should try. Dinner was an awesome veal “Samobor” style. Needless to say we are going back tomorrow for dinner.

There are plenty of sights to see in Zagreb. There were a couple of guys flying a little remote controlled blimp over the opera house.

St. George has been oppressing this poor little dragon on this spot for something like 100 years.

And the cathedral repairs that they were working on when I was last here in 2000 are still underway.

Here’s the cutest gargoyle ever.

And we’ll end with some Jesus

We are spending tomorrow in Zagreb. There is much more to see.

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  1. Hi there! About that Christmas tree on a pole thingy... yes it is a maypole (it is called "mlaj" in Slovenian).

    However in Slovenia there are many reasons for erecting one. For those you saw I'd say there is a good chance May celebrations have something to do with them.
    Another very usual reason is marriage - local guys usually put a couple of them near the home of a bride to be on the night before marriage. That is just one part of the whole tradition. I was looking for a decent English explanation on the web but could find next to nothing (http://ulrn-469-slovenia.wikispaces.com/Slovenia-Culture+%26+Traditions).