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Sunday, June 3, 2012

I’m not spitting

We made the arduous 1 hour and 15 minute journey from Zagreb to Ptuj, Slovenia. If you remember that the letter “J” makes the “Y” sound, the town’s name really does sound like you are spitting. Ptuj is a little town on the banks of the Drava river. Yesterday in Zagreb the wife said that what she really needed was a day off. I’ve been wanting to come to a water resort place, but she’s not much for swimming. I thought that this would be my opening. We got a last minute deal from the Grand Hotel Primus that included breakfast, dinner, and free use of the hotel pools and the waterpark across the street. And no sooner did we get here that we were in the hotel hot tub.

This did mean that we didn’t spend a whole lot of time outside the hotel today. I did insist on a walk into town after dinner. It’s Sunday, so there’s not much to do at 8 pm in Ptuj, but that’s ok. We took in the sights, wandered around a bit, and came back to the hotel.

That’s Ptuj Castle, taken from this side of the river.

There was a helpful warning sign posted in town

Plus this was painted on the wall in town if you missed the obvious danger of running near small dinosaurs.

Luckily we made it back across the river before the dinos got a hold of us, just in time to catch the castle as the dark.

It’s a pretty town. We’ll be doing more exploring tomorrow.

For those who are interested, the main background photo for this blog is a photo of the Drava River taken from the foot bridge.

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